Saturday, December 11, 2010

Friends and Changes...

Hey Kats,

It's been a very interesting 2010 to say the least. This has truly been a year of many changes in my life, my family's life, and in ghostology's life.

For starters, my family recently moved from Texas to Utah. This change alone is ginormous! We spent the past 5 months with Denver and Lauren's household which includes Christopher, Jack, Jordan, Toby, Rusty, and Dante. You pack my family of 6 into that scenario and you get a small village! I am forever grateful for all of the Robbins' love, hospitality and help.

I love working with Denver, Neil, Greg, Pamela, April and the lot over at Dark Sun Studios and am super grateful to James and Doug for hooking me up with beginning work. They know how much I needed it, and I know how much they needed all of the work I have supplied for them.

On top of that, I have just finished my second week teaching at the Eagle Gate College. Its a passion of mine, and I feel that I am actually able to help my students, not just get a good grade, but actually get a good job and make good money. I hope this is the case, and if they ever have a question, I am only a facebook post away. :)

Ghostology has made several trips around the globe as of lately. We have made giant business decisions like this in the past when we quit CBS because they were not being very cool to us, then to have the same thing happen to us with someone that we truly trusted was just what I would consider the last straw. So, we started our own business with the blessing of many people, and that is how Fate Radio, LLC. was formed. The name alone says a lot about what we do and who we are. Deciding our OWN fate in ways, we have become a positive little network offering a mix-up of fantastic shows.

Being one of the owners of FATE Radio, LLC. gives me the power to make sure a couple things never happen, one of which is the negativity and the attacks by other online entities and netowrks. The one thing I can guarantee that we will never do is attack, harm, or stab anyone in the back, whether that is within out own Fate Family or whether that is with any of our listeners or viewers. After having this done to us personally and on a business level many times we have learned our lesson.

An old adage says, "birds of a feather, flock together." Keeping this in mind, please be cautious with whom you trust, talk to and believe in, because if their true colors shine, you will also see who flock with them.

Ghostology and Fate Radio, LLC. on the other hand prefer to focus on other things, like building a better place to get your favorite shows, and making sure what we are doing isn't ripping off other people's ideas. We work really hard at creating our ideas and shows for you kats and really want you all to be happy with what we are producing.

This isn't just about Ghostology either, swing by and check out all of the great programming that we have going on! Its quite fun and I believe that you may find yourself not dealing with the negativity that other networks enjoy. We just want to have fun doing what we love, whether that is radio, video, or other paranormal activities... its supposed to be fun and not stressful.

So, with all of the changes going on, the one thing I can say is this. The most prolific change I have noticed in myself, might sound a bit negative, but in the long run, its for a good reason.

I have learned that I am just a person. A non-conformist that enjoys what I enjoy without being judged. I have learned that adult entertainers, tattooists, students, paranormal investigators, and artists are all just people trying to enjoy their life until they take their last breath. I have also learned that I love ALL of these people and more. Lastly, I have learned something that will stick with me for a long time. Outside of your family, you can't trust ANY body, fully. And sometimes not even them. People suck. I have become cynical and doubtful about people and their intentions. But this is a good thing for me. I dont trust anyone anymore, and the people I do trust, I love.

I only have so many years alloted to my life here on earth (that I know of) and I plan on spending them loving the people I trust and avoiding everyone elses bullshit.

I have lost many friends that I considered good people, just to find out they were liars and thieves.


I have found many new friends that are whom I consider my family.

... and you KNOW who you are!



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