Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 and the Light-bulb of our Future...

Its almost 2011. We are only days away. So many things happened in 2010 and so many more things will happen in the new 2011. No, this isn't going to be a blog about resolutions and making promises to yourself that are hard to keep. You should do those type of self-help and growth things on your own at your own speed. It is NOT a game, so always work on being a better person.

No, this blog is about people and how people make bad decisions based on not having the courage to stand up for what is right. This blog, though simple, is also an important window into the foundation of the person that I am. So, if you aren't prepared to see or read who I really am and what makes my heart pound, I suggest moving on to another blog that isn't about me. LOL

2010 has disappointed me a bit. I have watched what used to be a wonderful internet network full of positivity slowly sink into what is one of the darkest and hate-filled places online. I have watched it spawn cliques of people that are jealous of others and that don't work to help and support each other. Instead, they talk behind each other's backs and focus only on themselves. No, not everyone there, but a good handful are working at keeping it a place full of anger and darkness. I still receive emails and ban reports weekly which just sadden me. Hopefully 2011 will change this for them and they will shake it off and grow from their prior decisions.

I have watched colleagues that once said that they "loved me" and that "they cared about me" attack me on many, many creative levels. They have spent their time and energy to try and hurt me, and have failed each time. They have premeditatedly planned small ambushes and have used words like "war" and "tear down" in their emails to their friends hoping to create some sort of rift in the direction of my projects.

While dodging these stones, I have watched as people I once called friends stood by and turned their backs ignoring the threats and attacks. Some of them even adding fuel to the flames spreading rumors about me and my wife which made it back to our kids (who happen to be on facebook). Lies, rumors, and hate. This is what a lot of people from 2010 spent their energy doing. Not building, but tearing down.

No, this is not a blog about the horrible angst filled things that I have gone through in 2010. This is about the people in my life that have show me what life is for. Why we are here. What we should be doing with our lives.

This is a blog about 2011. Our future. And some of the people I honor.

There are some "long lost" words in the English dictionary that I use as a building block for what makes me strong and patient and forgiving all at the same time. Some of these words are "Unconditional", "Motivation", "Forgiveness", and "Principle". There is one word in particular that Im going to highlight. This word is very important to me. It is why we are here. It is the way America used to be. It is a word of ingenuity and inspiration. It is, "Initiative."

This word is truly lost in today's society. People have no idea what the ingredients are that make up this word anymore, and its truly sad. I am mostly angered by the lack of initiative that most of the people I meet have. They would much rather just sit back and let the world take place and bitch about what needs to be fixed. When I ask people what they have done in their lives that they are proud of, they usually have to spend some time with their eyes aimed up and towards the right trying to remember what they have done and when they had done it. Im not saying that being proud of your accomplishments is how to measure your initiative. What Im saying is that, without initiative, there are no accomplishments. If you have to take a lot of time remembering what you have accomplished, then to me, you do not have much initiative. You might even be asking, "is not having a lot of initiative a bad thing?" ... to be honest, in my book. Yes. It is a terrible thing. Your life has a timer on it. You can spend it however you like, but if you don't have initiative in your life, you, in my opinion, have no right to bitch about what needs fixing.

This year I have seen an insurgence of people with initiative in my life! I am proud of these people and have watched them bust their asses to grow, create, and develop amazing and wonderful things using all of their time and all of their own assets to make steps to become better and more successful in this life. Most importantly, these people are not doing this for money or fame, but for one simple reason. They love what they do and are following the natural progression for their life and career. I am proud of these people and the sacrifices they are making to become who they are.

"Is he going to name, names?" you ask? "who are these people that he is speaking of?" you want to know. Well, sure, I am not concerned about whether you agree or disagree with me. I know these people and have watched them grow and know what drives their hearts. So, I will list a few that have impressed me with their growth through sacrifice. These are but a few of the people that are on my Initiative list.

- Heather Byers, my sister and mother of 2 amazing kids, wife to her incredible husband Michael, and spend her off hours going to school, graduating, and becoming one of the best school teachers in Georgia.

- Tiffany Johnson, my friend and psychic who is always calling me with a new idea or project that is unconventional and innovative at the same time.

- Don Dennis, my friend and colleague who has kept his focus without falling prey to the infrastructure of the paranormal parasites. He is following his heart and mind as an amazing event planner for the Texas Ghost Show.

- Anna Marie, my best friend and my wife and her endeavors to not only be a mom to our five kids and a wife to me, but an author, and tarot reader as well.

- Christopher Moon, my friend and psychic/medium who has taken heat from all walks of the paranormal community, yet, still will walk through the door with his head held high, knowing that only the best can keep moving forward with their research while being mocked by their peers.

- Lauren T. Hart, my friend and author, who has, this week as we speak, finished the final chapter in this year long, chapter per week, project called "Of God's and Mortals."

- Neil Larson, my friend and director who quit his job and is following his heart and life as a director.

- Ruby Violence, my friend and adult entertainer who is breaking the boundary of the everyday, and creating and developing new genres of entertainment that are both fun and unique.

- Beth Brown, my friend and author who has taken a step to follow her passion and drop all of the pre-set ways of investigating the paranormal and has found a niche that has spoken to her heart instead.

- Jamie Standifird, my friend and radio show host who has worked at an unforgiving job, gone through a rough marriage, found true love with Justin, and has still maintained her direction as a radio show host and paranormal personality.

- Denver Robbins, my friend and producer who has done nothing but work hard on 3 to 5 projects at a time daily, 24/7 , 350 days a year and who has accomplished many wonderful things during this past year.

- Katie Mullaly, my friend and author who has not only been going to school, being a mom, and a wonderful wife to her husband Mikal, but also is an author, researcher, and working on a few special projects with yours truly.

- Geoffrey Gould, my friend and actor who is in just about every movie or tv show, somewhere as a background actor. This guy busts his ass daily keeping the work coming in while I finish my screenplay that he is in.

- Jason Byers, my brother and military personnel who has worked hard with his life, going through a bad marriage, finding true love, and having his family while still spending his life protecting and defending our United States of America.

- Charli Nichols, my friend and entertainer who is a single mom while still creating and working hard on her internet show while being lied to, jerked around, and manipulated, has still shown the stick-to-it-ness to keep her chin above the negativity and has moved ahead with her own life.

These are only a few, but a few that I think needed to be named. These people are honest, genuine, and passionate and have worked their hardest to skirt the people who have constantly flung drama fecal matter at them.

The world needs to change. I believe in balance, and I don't see it yet. Too many people are out to tear down what others build. They are out to copy and take credit for others works without building it on their own. While you are busy working your ass off on something wonderful, they are waiting for you to turn your head so they can tear down your sandcastle.

I applaud those of you with initiative. I cannot wait to see the direction you go this 2011. I cannot wait to watch you soar. Be prepared though, because jealousy will consume the people that hear of you and your works. They will be waiting for you with pitchforks and torches, because they don't want to see you succeed.

Be strong, be confident, and most importantly, keep your eye on your target.

I want to see you fly this year!

I want to see you soar!

Go be You this 2011!



Beth Brown said...

I'm helping you keep watch on those sandcastles, my friend! Anyone tries to knock ours down again and they will answer to ME.

Like you've heard me say before, "Hey, I'm only here for so long." This life will be gone before you know it - get out there and DO something with the time you have.


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