Sunday, September 19, 2010

Now, we can breathe...

It's about time I actually sit down here and write a catch-up for everyone. I know I've gotten quite a few people needing to hear whats up and whats going on, and today seems like a good day to do it.

As you know, I was separated from my family for about 6 weeks, but the good news is, that the mediation is over, my kids and wife are here with me and we are all living in Utah now. It is a blessing. A very true and heart-filled blessing to be with the people that make me who I am. Sometimes I feel that my wife and kids are the only ones that really know who I am anymore. So, its good to have them here with me, reminding me that, 'YES, you ARE sane!"

The kids are enrolled in school here, making great grades, and great friends, and are away from the gangstah wannabees in Lockhart.

It's nice to be able to say that Malachi is in 3 productions... and when I say production, I mean PRODUCTION... they don't do anything small here when it comes to theater or film.

Josee is dancing in school and taking Chinese! Even with her back, she is really doing amazing and she says it doesn't hurt... and I can see it in her eyes. She is smiling back at me and happy with everything that is going on.

Nicholaus is in band, playing with kids that aren't 100% bullys and is super excited about the prospect of snow in the next few weeks. Who am I kidding... 7 years in Texas for ANY of us gets us excited about seeing lots and lots of snow.

Ashlind just had his birthday yesterday. He is 2 years old now. We broadcasted the video for Grandma and Grandaddy to see. I wish I lived closer to my family sometimes so that they could get to know him. He is a smart, caring and funny little man and I just know that when he falls in love and has kids, that he will teach them how to love unconditionally like I have him.

My wife is with me now too. Having her next to me at night means more than the world to me. She is the one that reminds me of who I am. She is the one that loves me no matter what dumb things I might do or say. She is the one that holds me when Im hurting inside and the one that makes me excited to be alive. I create because she wants me to and I encourage her to be herself and to try new things. I am so happy to be with my family again.

We are staying with our friends, The Robbins Family. All of ten of us in one house. Amazingly, it is NOT as crowded or as crazy as one might think. Denver and Laurie are my best friends. They are a lot like Anna Marie and myself and on many notes very different. Denver and I are very entrepreneuristic and between the 4 of us, are working on several major projects that are going to blow everyone around us away. Yeah, thats the beauty of our relationship with the Robbins... we are working together to make a better future for the 10 of us! ... TEN of US!!!!

Thats pretty much the quick and dirty update. I wanted to get this out before I started writing about my new insights into life. I think I might try my hand at that a little later in the week. I have learned a lot recently about myself and the world and I'd like to share it.

But for now, this is my update. I love and am loved. The people that I trust are in my life now. They don't look down on me. They don't ridicule me. They are not disappointed in me.

They see me... and I see them. There are no negatives, only obstacles that we learn from, and we as a family of 10 are doing it together.

There are no rules in life. But if you need on to live by, it is love as you wish to be loved.

Less Than Three...



Sarah said...

And how happy am I that you are all here!

Thanks again for everything.

Maranda said...

It is nice to hear some good news from friends. I'm glad things are now where they should be.

Anna Marie said...

I thought it was 3 months, not 6 weeks.... I bet if we sat down in front of a calendar, it would fall somewhere in-between. ;oD

It's so good to be all together again....

Vanessa said...

I'm so happy you're back with your family! There's nothing better than being with the ones you love.

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